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Introducing the 7 Days Natural Multani Mitti Face Wash, a rejuvenating fusion of nature's best for radiant...
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Introducing the 7 Days Natural Multani Mitti Face Wash, a rejuvenating fusion of nature's best for radiant skin. Harnessing the power of traditional skincare wisdom, our formula blends Multani Mitti, cherished for centuries, with modern science for a revitalizing cleanse. Rich in minerals like magnesium and silica, Multani Mitti deeply purifies, unclogs pores, and absorbs excess oil, unveiling a fresh complexion.

Infused with gentle surfactants derived from coconut oil, it delicately cleanses without stripping skin's natural moisture, ensuring a balanced, refreshed feel. Ideal for oily and combination skin types, it's your go-to solution for a deeply cleansed, revitalized visage, day after day. It can be used as a daily cleanser to remove dirt, impurities, and excess oil, promoting a clear and radiant complexion. Multani Mitti, or Fuller's Earth, is celebrated for its unparalleled oil-absorbing properties.

This natural clay effectively draws out excess oil and impurities, leaving your skin clean and fresh without over-drying. Its ability to unclog pores makes it a staple ingredient for those aiming to maintain a clear and blemish-free complexion.


  • Remove dirt, impurities, and excess oil from skin

  • Helps to neutralise free radicals and protect the skin

  • Helps draw out impurities, pollutants, and toxins from the skin

  • Offers antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits, helping to reduce the acne.

  • refresh and revitalise skin, soothe inflammation of skin

How to Use

Wet Your Face: Begin with a damp face, ensuring that your skin is thoroughly wet to maximise the face wash's efficacy.

Apply Generously: Squeeze out a small amount of the Multani Mitti Face Wash onto your palms. Gently rub your hands together to activate the product.

Massage Gently: Apply the face wash to your face in circular motions, focusing on areas that are prone to oiliness and impurities, such as the T-zone. The gentle massage will also stimulate blood flow, enhancing skin health and radiance.

Rinse Thoroughly: After massaging the face wash




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