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7 Days Lip Scrub is made with the perfect blend of natural ingredients to lighten your lips...
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7 Days Lip Scrub is made with the perfect blend of natural ingredients to lighten your lips as well as keep them supple, soft, smooth & plumped up.

  • Smooths lips with gentle exfoliation
  • Radiant Tint from Beetroot Oil
  • Dual Action for Lip Health
  • Revitalizes Lips with Cherry Antioxidants
  • Long-Lasting Moisture for All-Day Comfort




7 Days Lip Scrub for Dark Lips. This beauty essential is a transformative blend of Cherry, Sunflower, and Beetroot Oils. Designed to work from within, it maintains lip moisture and hydration, ensuring a supple feel that lasts. Simultaneously, on the outside, it enhances lip texture, smoothing away roughness and revealing a naturally vibrant tone. The potent combination of Cherry, Sunflower, and Beetroot Oils forms a powerhouse of hydration, keeping your lips moisturised throughout the day. Outside, the gentle exfoliation rids lips of impurities, uncovering their natural texture, and the infusion of key ingredients adds a subtle tint for a radiant appearance. Packed with antioxidants, Cherry Oil revitalises lips, leaving them looking healthy and refreshed. Infused with Sunflower, and Beetroot Oils, this scrub is a dual-action beauty essential.



How to Use

Cleanse Lips:

 Begin with clean, dry lips to enhance the effectiveness of the scrub.

 Apply a Small Amount:

 Take a small amount of the 7 Days Lip Scrub and spread it evenly on your lips.

 Gentle Massage:

 Massage the scrub onto your lips in circular motions for about 1-2 minutes, ensuring even exfoliation.

 Rinse or Wipe Off:

 Rinse off the scrub with water or wipe it off gently with a damp cloth.

 Follow with Lip Moisturizer / 7 days Lip serum

 Complete the routine by applying your favourite 7 days lip serum/ moisturiser for added hydration.



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