Hand Made Adivasi Herbal Premium quality hair oil Regrowth Hair Oil (100 ml)

Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil Product Highlights Chemical-free indulgence for vibrant hair Crafted for both men and women...
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Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil

Product Highlights

  • Chemical-free indulgence for vibrant hair
  • Crafted for both men and women
  • Made with Ayurvedic Herb to supports Health Hair
  • Holistic well-being extends to the environment
  • Improve Scalp Health and Hair Strands

  Introducing "Adivasi Hair Oil" by 7 Days Natural - natural solution for revitalized hair. This exquisite hair oil penetrates deep, nourishing each strand and rejuvenating your hair to its core. Crafted with a commitment to purity, "Adivasi Hair Oil" stands as a testament to nature's wisdom. It's a harmonious blend of 100% natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their enriching properties. Embrace the power of nature with a vegan formula that's free from silicon, parabens, and synthetic additives. Enriched with Nagkesar, Majith, Brahmi, Tulsi, and Baheda, this oil is an example of botanical wonders. Each ingredient plays a vital role in nurturing your scalp, promoting hair regrowth, and restoring the brilliance of your tresses. "Adivasi Hair Oil" stimulates the scalp, fortifying hair follicles, and awakening dormant roots for visibly thicker, stronger hair.

Unlock the beauty that lies within as this hair oil renews your hair's vitality. Suitable for both men and women, this oil is formulated by experts to cater to diverse hair needs. Rediscover the joy of hair care with 100% natural ingredients like never before.  "Adivasi Hair Oil '' by 7 Days is your one stop solution for all your hair problems.

Let this oil be your companion on the journey to hair transformation. Our commitment to holistic well-being extends to the environment. Now packaged in a sustainable, eco-friendly bottle, "Adivasi Hair Oil" not only revitalizes your hair but also contributes to a healthier planet. Embrace the harmony of nature in every aspect of your hair care journey. "Adivasi Hair Oil" by 7 Days - where beauty, nature, and sustainability converge for your ultimate hair transformation.Elevate your hair care routine with an indulgent infusion of natural scents. The rejuvenating aroma of "Adivasi Hair Oil" provides not just nourishment but a sensory experience that uplifts your spirits, making every application a moment of self-care and relaxation.

How to use


  • Take sufficient quantity and apply on scalp
  • Apply evenly and massage with fingers all over your hair
  • Apply overnight for best results and rinse thoroughly


 For external use only, Keep away from children.

Adivasi Herbal Hair Oil

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